The System

The Monofibre Hair Extension system, the original, has now been in the market for 30 years.


Monofibre Hair Extensions are tried tested and proven with leading salons and consumers alike. Transformed within three hours you are guaranteed a wonderful looking hairstyle that is very low maintenance, for a life of three months.


Monofibre Hair Extensions are applied to the natural hair, in tiny sections using the C2, which produces gentle controlled heat and makes a tiny invisible seal, which holds the hair extensions in place, at the roots.


No glues, bonding agents, chemicals or wefts are used in the application. Which means there is no damage to the natural hair or bald patches on the scalp.

There are no chemicals or strong acetones required for removal and can even be taken out at home by the client themselves. Any colour combination is achievable by brushing different colours of Monofibre together before the application, enabling a tailor-made perfect match to the natural hair.