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Monofibre does not have a mind of its own 

• There is no damage to your natural hair or scalp as no glue or solvents are used in the 

application or removal                                                              

• They are undetectable as they are secured in small sections

 • They are comfortable as they are lighter than human hair

• Application is quick and should not take longer than 3 hours for a full transformation

 • Removal is fast and does not take more than 45 minutes



• They last for 3 to 4 months but can be removed sooner if desired

• They are custom colour matched to your own hair in the salon and the colour is guaranteed

 • The colours never fade even when exposed to sunlight, salty or chlorine water so swimming or sun bathing do not affect them.




• The results are guaranteed; the colour you see before is the colour you get in your hair.

• No chemicals are used when adding colour or body meaning no damage to your natural hair.

• Quick and simple to apply and remove.

• Very affordable.

• Colour is guaranteed never to fade even in the sun, sea or pool.

• No fading or washing out in the shower.

• No sensitive or allergic reactions.