Monofibre Hair Extensions

Advantages Of Monofibre Hair Extensions

  Monofibre Synthetic Second Hand Human Hair
1. Application Monofibre causes no damage to your natural hair. No chemicals are used on application or removal with Monofibre Hair Extensions. Synthetic is often glued in or clips used. Both will damage your natural hair. Clip-ins are purely hair accessories. Human hair causes damage, as it is either glued in, clips used or stitched in wefts. This can cause tension at the scalp or damage the natural hair shaft with the use of glue. Strong solvents such as acetone are used in removal, which causes breakage to the natural hair.
2. Condition Monofibre is soft, smooth and silky and does not tangle. There will be no split ends. The condition is poor and resembles doll’s hair. It will never look natural. Even the more expensive ones do not have the longevity required for the life of the extension. They will matt and not feel soft and silky. The condition is poor because of the enormous amount of chemical process the second hand hair has to go through to achieve a new colour.
3. Cost Monofibre is low cost product therefore making extensions affordable to many. Very cheap. Human hair is very expensive, therefore making the service very expensive and out of reach to many.
4. Styling Monofibre can have regulated heat applied when styling to straighten and curl as required. May go frizzy. Heat can be used on human hair but can cause hair to dry out.
5. Reliability Monofibre will not fade through sunlight, swimming or heat. Very likely to fade with heat. Human hair will fade, as does one’s own hair when coloured.
6. Maintenance Easy to look after and needs little grooming and attention. Impossible to look after, matting and tangling will occur. Difficult to look after and needs a lot of grooming and attention, shedding will occur.

Monofibre is the brand leading product created by Dome for Hair Extensions. Giving natural, 

undetectable, affordable and beautiful Hair Extensions of the highest quality. Dome is the only company that manufactures and supplies Monofibre worldwide. Beware of cheap imitations that will never give the same result.


Monofibre was invented by Simon Forbes of Antenna, specifically for professional Hair Extensions and out performs human hair. The application process is kind and gentle to your own natural hair. Monofibre is an acrylic, which in manufacturing goes through a unique hand process. This produces a product that resembles the hair you’ve always wanted and is guaranteed to look soft and silky throughout the life of the hair extensions.


Monofibre comes in 18 different colors, which enables the hairdresser by brushing several colors together to tailor make any colour. This ensures that the Monofibre Hair Extensions blend in perfectly with the natural hair giving the hues and tones gives a natural head of hair would have. The Monofibre hair extension system is tried tested and proven, over many years, and has been worn by many A- list celebs, such as Madonna, Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss, Rita Ora, Peaches Geldof to name a few.