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Stylist Prolin Enhancer Collection

 The Prolin Highlights Collection is available in three options.  Please choose an option below.

This Collection has all the items a stylist needs to start offering the service. The Collection comprises of:
·          C2 attachment tool
·          Prolin Clip attachment/removal tool
·          Training DVD
·          Step by step brochure
·          Support CD
·          Prolin Colour Shade Chart
·          4 Boxes of Prolin Colours (The colours are determined by the Collection Option chosen) Details are listed below.
There are three Collection Options available. The colours included in each collection are:


Natural Collection
Rinse Collection
Vibrant Collection
·          Light Blonde
·          Gold Blonde
·          Wild Red
·          Hazel
·          Pastel Pink
·          Baby Blue
·          Coral Red
·          Cerise Pink
·          Deep Purple
·          Fire Red
·          Aqua Blue
·          Fuchsia Pink


Price : £270.00