Prolin Hair Enhancers

Prolin Hair Enhancers are the modern way to colour hair.

A chemical free process to achieve stunning highlights and lowlights in less than half the time of conventional colour.

Prolin is enhancer hair made from acrylic and it mirrors the protein in natural, healthy hair, whilst outperforming its strength for lasting manageability.

It comes in two different colour ranges. The Natural Range that has 24 different colours to make perfect highlights or lowlights that blend perfectly with the natural hair. The Cult Colour Range which has 16 funky colours. There are 8 vibrant colours or 8 Rinse colours allowing you to achieve high fashion, striking looks that turn heads.

The colour never fades and does not need re touches. Likewise there is no root regrowth.

They are quick and easy to apply and you can get the maximum impact with minimal effort.

They are easily affordable for any client.