Monofibre JNR Tape

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Dome’s unique handmade tape in extensions are delicate wefts of Monofibre, for use in lengthening, volume or highlights.

Simple, easy and quick to attach and remove. Depending on the type of application they can last up to three months.

Lies flat to the scalp, comfortable, lightweight and non-detectable.

The tape is safe for the natural hair and scalp but is strong and waterproof.

Comes in pure or mixed colour and two different textures.

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We always recommend our Aftercare Range to keep the extensions soft and silky.

Do not apply a hot hand dryer directly on to the Monofibre, use a warm temperature and hold 6 inches away.

Monofibre doesn’t need to be blow dried in the same harsh manner as natural hair to make it straight. If using straighteners on the extensions make sure they do not exceed 130C temperature.

Monofibre is non-porous so chemical root retouches won’t affect the texture or colour of the extensions.


Product Specification

10 Tapes per Box

26 inches /66cms Long

Each tape is 3.5gm/1.24 US oz

4cm Width

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