Monofibre JNR Tape System

Monofibre JNR extensions are a quick and easy way to apply extensions and can be used for lengthening, volumising or highlights.

Monofibre is light and has much more volume than natural hair so you need to attach fewer extensions.

The 4cm width tape can be easily cut into smaller widths to allow more delicate work around partings or hairline.

Sandwiching the tapes with a thin section of natural hair in between will give more longevity to the extensions. The section of hair should be smaller in width than the tape so when sandwiched together on both ends you are sealing tape to tape. For a more temporary measure, single tapes are plenty.

Make sure you always take clean sections before applying, to avoid any stray natural hairs getting tangled. Leave about 2 cms between each tape to allow the natural hair to fall in between.

When the tape is in place and applied use the end of a tail comb and press down the tape to ensure the tape is secured.

Monofibre JNR Tape comes 26 inches long and is easy to cut to fit your hairstyle if required.

Experiment by using different colours over the head to give a truly natural look.

Use our Release Serum to remove the extensions. It is easy to apply, by gently dabbing with a tissue. Leave for 5 minutes and then the tape slips out. Release Serum is gentle and kind to the natural hair, causing no breakage.