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Monofibre JNR Tape

We are delighted to launch our new product Monofibre JNR Tape exclusively developed by Dome.

These tape in hair extensions are quick and easy to apply and can be used for lengthening, volumising or highlights.

A single-handed process which takes less than hour to apply, Monofibre JNR Tape is a truly affordable way to give high-quality professional hair extensions.

The 4cm width tape can be easily cut into smaller widths to allow more delicate work around partings or hairline. The tapes are sandwiched with a thin section of natural hair in between, which gives more longevity to the extensions. For a more temporary measure, single tapes are plenty.

When the tape is in place and applied, use the end of a tail comb and press down the tape to ensure attachment.

Monofibre JNR Tape comes in a full range of pure colours (including the most popular colors: MW05, MW02, MW16, MW25, MC23 & PCN3) and several pre-mixed. However, you can use different colours together to give a truly natural look. All colours are 26 inches long but can be cut to any length.

The hair you’ve always wanted — looks great, feels good, lightweight and undetectable.

Most importantly they are of course ethical and sustainable!

See our full Monofibre JNR Classic collection HERE.

See our full Monofibre JNR Wave collection HERE.


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