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Affordability with Creativity

When Simon Forbes first invented hair extensions at the beginning of the eighties there was massive unemployment, inflation and strikes!

Sounds familiar? Nevertheless, people flocked to Antenna salon to have this new service in hair.

Even though it was the most expensive service in hairdressing it was still affordable.

The same applies today. Even though everyone is feeling the pinch one’s hair is such an important part of one’s life.

The beauty of Monofibre extensions, even though they are high quality they are the most affordable extensions on the market.

So if your clients are thinking that they don’t want to splash out and have been wearing human hair extensions you should consider offering them Monofibre.

Especially now they come in tapes which means that you don’t need to have the skill required to apply them, as the original method needed.

Make sure you differentiate Monofibre from all the other fibres that have come into the market over the years which are not the same quality. That do not look good for 3 months and looks very much like synthetic hair. Don’t forget although you know this your clients don’t.

This will mean you are all happy, your clients at the reduced cost and you, because you are still able to earn and offer hair extensions.

A win, win for all.

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